Dragon Medical Practice V4

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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 gives you the freedom to dictate and complete documentation more accurately and efficiently than ever before - and it may be the perfect voice recognition software for your practice.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Featuring cutting-edge speech technology, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 achieves 99 percent accuracy right out of the box, without voice profile training, which means multiple users can use it successfully.

Using a combination of 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies based on the way physicians actually speak, this voice recognition software for doctors delivers amazing results. It also features advanced Deep Learning technology that keeps learning as it's used, adapting to voice and environmental variations over time, which further refines its performance.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is optimized for touchscreen devices, and it's capable of generating narrated content within application and EHR textbox fields; that allows you to interact with websites and other applications. It provides helpful tips while you're using it, as well, so you can learn its advanced features and use the software even more effectively.

Choose between a handful of editions, including one that includes a power microphone, to get the version that's best for your practice. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is one of the fastest, smartest ways for clinicians to document care - it's precisely what you need to streamline operations in your office.

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