Endpoint Protection

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Endpoint security is essential when you're using a computer to access a corporate network - any device with a remote connection to the network can create a potential entry point for security threats. Security software, such as Symantic Endpoint Protection, Kaspersky Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Security, is a necessary part of your home and office software suite.

Choosing the Right Endpoint Security Software

The endpoint software you choose should have:

  • Antivirus and anti-malware capabilities that detect and quarantine threats before they do any damage
  • Configuration management so you can control how specific devices are configured
  • Patch management, which ensures all devices have the most up-to-date patches
  • Encryption that protects communication between laptops, tablets, phones and the rest of the network
  • Network access control that requires machines to validate their authority to connect to the network
  • Mobile application management or mobile enterprise management for portable devices
Good endpoint security software will protect from threats through email, web downloads and other sources, as well. It should also come from a company that provides in-depth support to help pinpoint incursions and breaches - and that leaves Symantec, Kaspersky, ESET and a few others.

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