Solar Panels & Kits

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Solar Panels

Portable and durable solar panels are a must-have if you're always on the go - and what you intend to use it for will help you choose the right one for your needs. The most important things to know include:

  • Solar capacity. A solar panel's solar capacity, measured in watts, tells you how much power production you can expect under ideal sunlight and temperature conditions.
  • Battery capacity. A solar panel's battery capacity, measured in watt-hours, tells you the total maximum electrical charge a battery can deliver to a load.
Solar panels with solar capacity between 7 and 10 watts are ideal for phones, GPS systems and headlamps; they're typically called portable solar chargers. Those with higher capacity, such as 100 watts, can power much larger appliances.

Like many portable power systems, some solar panels are single panels with easel props on the back to hold them up, while others fold up like a briefcase when you're not using them. If you intend to connect multiple solar panels together to generate more power, you need one that's chainable - that means you can combine it with other panels.

Solar Panel Kits and Solar Power Systems

Most solar panel kits include solar panels, grid tie inverters and mounting hardware you can use to affix your panels to stationary objects. Many also include adapters, charge controllers and other connectors, as well. A solar panel kit is ideal when you need a complete set-up.

Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems

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