Portable Power

Portable power stations, including portable solar power systems and accessories, such as charge controllers, are essential when you're off the grid. You can use these systems to power everything from cell phones and GPS units to lighting, refrigerators, medical equipment and televisions - but how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Portable Power Stations

Portable power stations allow you to plug in your devices when you're not connected to the electrical grid. The best stations feature lithium power cells or lead-acid AGM batteries and have solar power capabilities that allow you to power up without plugging into an outlet. Lithium power cells are lighter than lead-acid batteries are, so if you're on the go with your power station, they may be the right choice for you.

Power Banks

A portable power bank can typically charge cameras, speakers, GPS systems and phones; they're often called battery banks, too. A good power bank includes a variety of ports, including USB and 12-volt ports, and an AC inverter, and you can plug it into a wall socket or charge it with a solar panel.


An inverter allows you to convert direct current - what you get from a portable power station or portable power supply - into alternating current. You need one to turn generated power into power you can use; many portable power stations include them, but some don't.

Replacement Batteries for Portable Power Stations

The battery is the heart of a portable power system. You can recharge high-quality replacement batteries for portable power systems hundreds of times. They're typically available as lead-acid or with lithium power cells.

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