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Keep track of everything easily and streamline your office's workflow with transcription tools from, where you'll find everything you need to simplify your daily tasks at competitive prices.

Transcription Sets

A top-quality transcription set lets you turn voice into text quickly and accurately. There's no need to scribble down notes that you have to decipher later - it's all done for you through a microphone, recorder and software that lets you take a real hands-free approach to note-taking. The best transcription sets are powerful and user-friendly, and they use ergonomic accessories, like dual microphones for superior sound quality and foot pedals for fast action when you need it most. When you're searching for speech-to-text tools, look for:

  • High-end microphones that pick up every word and shut out background noise
  • Software that gives you real-time data, like author information and length
  • Built-in voice recognition software or integration capabilities
  • Ergonomic accessories, including foot pedals and earphones
  • Priority settings so urgent recordings are processed first
  • Ergonomic design that guarantees you hands-free control
  • DSS, MP3 or PCM recording formats for easy conversion into other applications
  • User-friendly controls and visual displays

Get a User-Friendly Transcription Set Today

Stop worrying about accurate transcriptions and get a user-friendly, easy-to-integrate transcription set from, where we offer the widest selection of the world's most trusted brands, including Philips and Olympus. You'll find pocket memo dictation and transcription sets, professional transcription sets and so much more in our collection.

All our products ship from Canada, so whether you're in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or elsewhere, you'll enjoy fast shipping on the products you need to make your workday easier. Browse today to save big on downloadable office software, computers, office furniture and accessories, and so much more.

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