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Keep track of what's most important with a digital voice recorder, transcription tools and microphones from ITFactory.ca. We also offer an amazing selection of dictation accessories and dictation software to streamline everything you do.

Digital Voice Recorders

A portable digital recorder can help you remember things you don't have time to write down - and it can be an invaluable asset when you need high-quality audio recordings. Many feature built-in noise-reduction filters that work exceptionally well with voice recognition software, as well as wireless operation and 3D microphone technology that can pick up muffled sounds.

Transcription Sets

A high-quality transcription set includes everything you need to capture important information from audio files, live speeches and more. Some of the best sets are manufactured by Olympus and Philips, which you'll find at ITFactory.ca.


The right microphone, whether it's hand-held or part of a headset or headphones, can help your voice be heard on conference calls, during interviews and so much more. You can even find microphones compatible with cutting-edge dictation software to ensure you get the best results.

Dictation Accessories

From transcription foot control panels to docking stations, tie-clip microphones and transcribers with headsets, you'll find all the dictation accessories you need at ITFactory.ca.

Dictation Software

Keep track of what's most important with dictation software trained to recognize your voice and provide extreme accuracy, even under less-than-ideal conditions. We have a wide range of speech recognition software for use in medical, legal and other fields, as well as software designed specifically for home use. Most systems will be compatible with the latest Microsoft Office software such as the upcoming Microsoft Office 2019.

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Check out our huge collection of dictation equipment, including software, microphones and digital voice recorders to find exactly what you need today. All our products ship from Canada, so you'll enjoy quick delivery whether you're in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or elsewhere.

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