Digital Cameras & Camcorders

These days it is so easy to capture video on your smartphone. While the quality of videos taken on a smartphone has improved drastically over the years, there are a few reasons why owning an old school handheld video camera that records on flash memory or a built-in hard drive, is still the way to go. A camcorder has a few features you won’t find on your smartphone, such as optical zoom, manual focus and the ability to connect an external microphone. Another benefit of using a camcorder over your smartphone is the available memory. With a camcorder you are can easily upgrade the flash memory available, whereas when you are recording on you smartphone you are sure to run out of memory a lot faster.

Action Cameras, on the other hand, are a lot harder to substitute with your smartphone. These nifty little camcorder or built tough, to withstand weather and activities so you can capture your exhilarating adventures. Action cameras tend to be lightweight and many models are wearable or mountable, made to be affixed to your person, helmet or other gadgets.

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